• Born and raised in our home
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  • We whelp and raise our puppies as part of our homeschool curriculum
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  • Our dogs are our family!!
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Raised in a loving, noisy home

Our puppies are raised INSIDE our home, with kids, music, and lots of household noise.

We have several sizes and colors.

Our puppies are medium-sized (40-65lbs) dogs; a few have become BIG (75+ lbs).

We begin training early

Our puppies leave our home crate-trained and (usually) sleeping through the night!

Our Goldendoodle puppies are born and raised INSIDE our home!

Our family started out as Puppy Raisers for Upstate Guide Dogs in the mid 90s, breeding and training Labrador Retrievers. After Sandy was widowed in 2002, we took a few years off breeding/raising/training dogs. In 2006, after Sandy remarried, we began breeding Golden Retrievers. In 2010, we welcomed 6 year old Ben (special needs) from China into our family. We learned that Ben has severe allergies and asthma. After researching, we found that Goldendoodles are the best all-around family dog for families with allergies. We ultimately adopted four children who have special needs within two years (Sam is visually impaired), so we decided to focus our efforts on breeding and training therapy/service-quality Goldendoodles. We have four female dogs only, and they live in our home as our pets and therapy dogs. We do NOT mass produce puppies because we believe that quality, health and temperament are worth the effort and extra expense.

Our puppies are an integral part of our homeschooling curriculum.

We firmly believe that Life Science is best taught by participating in real life activities. In fact, our twelve year old cuts the puppies’ umbilical cords, our nine year old is in charge of disposing of placentas, and our ten year old opens the puppies’ sacks. Words such as gestation, lactation, Oxytocin, and amniotic sack are part of our regular homeschool vocabulary. Our puppies are the number one priority in our daily lives! We also give our dogs the best prenatal care, driving over two hours to see a Reproductive Vet to get ultrasounds and X-rays on all pregnant dogs.

Our puppies are sought out across the country

We do deliver puppies to their homes when needed, and Skype with people who live out of town. The cost varies depending on distance/ travel method. There are ground transportation companies, such as ThePettransporterguy.com who deliver puppies for a fee. We have flown puppies via United Airlines, BUT we MUCH prefer to deliver by car. We do regularly travel from NY to North Carolina, so delivery along the East Coast is available.

Our puppies are part of our family traditions

Our dogs are part of the family, and we treat them as such.Our puppies are part of our homeschooling curriculum, allowing our children learn while recording their weight daily, and plotting charts to measure growth. In fact, Peters’ Puppies is so family oriented, that even the web designer is our teenaged son (pictured)

A $1000 deposit puts a buyer in line for a “pick.”

All puppies are $1,900. Deposits are fully refundable, until the puppy pick day (usually 5-6 weeks old). Generally, a litter is 6-9 puppies, so I will only pre-sell a maximum of 9 puppies. If you are towards the end of the line, and we don’t have a large enough litter, I will refund your $1000 deposit or put you on top of the line for the next litter, your choice.  The balance ($900) is due on the day that you choose your puppy, which usually when they are 6 weeks old. At that point, the purchase price becomes nonrefundable, although we will do all we can to help you find a suitable buyer if you need to back out.

History of the breed

Goldendoodles have the calm temperament of the Golden Retriever, and the intelligence and nonshedding, hypoallergenic attributes of the Standard Poodle. This breed is a genetic hybrid, deliberately engineered, beginning in1990. The ACA and the CKC do register Goldendoodles as a breed, but the AKC does not yet; it took the AKC over 100 years to accept the Golden Retriever (which also began as a deliberate hybrid mix, of a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Flat Coat Retriever in 1835). Most breeds recognized today by the AKC began as deliberate hybrids to maximize certain desirable traits.

Allergies and F1 and F1b doodles

Several of our dogs are therapy or service dogs because most Goldendoodles are allergy-friendly. F1 Goldendoodles are 50 percent poodle and 50 percent Golden Retriever. They might shed a little bit. People with severe allergies might not tolerate an F1 puppy. I suggest that you borrow our F1 Goldendoodle for a few days before committing to an F1 puppy if you have severe allergies. We can also have our F1 dog sleep with your t-shirt and then see if you can tolerate the shirt afterwards, but that isn’t completely reliable method. Also, some people are allergic to dog saliva, not their fur, so that can also be a factor. For this reason, we can’t guarantee that you won’t have an allergic reaction to any and all dogs. There’s no such thing as a truly 100 percent hypoallergenic dog. An F1b puppy is a F1 Goldendoodle (Lilly or Chance), bred back to a Poodle. F1b puppies are then 75 percent poodle and 25 percent Golden Retriever. F1b puppies are curlier and usually nonshedding. All Goldendoodles require regular grooming!!