• Low to Nonshedding Goldendoodles

    The perfect dogs for families with allergies!

  • Meet the parents

    Meet the Peters' Puppies family!

  • Many Different Colors

    Available in Red, Apricot, Chocolate, Silver, Cream, White, Black, and Phantom (black/tan)

  • Family Raised with LOVE

    Raised INSIDE our home, puppies come pre-spoiled by our family.

    About Us
  • Experience Matters!

    We started raising puppies in 1996 for Upstate Guide Dogs


We guarantee our puppies

Our puppies always come with 2 year health guarantee against genetic abnormalities. See Health Guarantee tab for specific information.

For us, nutrition matters!

We only feed our dogs grain-free and top-rated dog food! Nutrition is paramount, and our health guarantee reflects our views.

We crate-train & sensory-stimulate

Our puppies are crate-trained starting at age 4-5 weeks, and are handled daily. Puppies go home with their crate to ease their transition.

A brief history of Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles have the calm temperament of the Golden Retriever, and the intelligence and nonshedding, hypoallergenic attributes of the Standard Poodle. This breed is a genetic hybrid, deliberately engineered, beginning in 1990. The ACA does register Goldendoodles as a breed, but the AKC does not yet; it took the AKC over 100 years to accept the Golden Retriever (which also began as a deliberate hybrid mix, of a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Flat Coat Retriever in 1835). Most breeds we know today began as deliberate hybrids, mixing certain traits to obtain the best of both breeds.