Peters’ Puppies LLC agrees to sell the puppy described below to:

    Peters’ Puppies LLC guarantees that the puppy is healthy at the time of the sale. Prior to purchase, the puppy was examined by a licensed veterinarian and was given the first in the series of DHPP vaccines. Copies of the exam, shot record, and any medical findings were given to the buyer as part of the sale. However, to validate the health guarantee, buyer must take their new puppy to their veterinarian within 72 hours of going home. If a vet finds the puppy to be in unacceptable health condition, the buyer must notify Peters' Puppies LLC within 3 days of receiving the puppy. The vet must make a statement on letterhead that the puppy is unhealthy and not suitable for purchase, and Peters’ Puppies will retake ownership of the defective/unhealthy puppy and refund the buyer in full, excluding the costs of transportation and any vet bills incurred by the buyer. Although Peters' Puppies LLC does administer deworming medication to the puppies weekly (because the puppies are house-training outside) Peters' Puppies LLC cannot guarantee that all puppies will be completely free of common puppy parasites/worms/protozoa/coccidiosis/giardia.

    This health guarantee is contingent upon feeding high quality food (24-26% protein, rated 4.5 stars or higher on website dogfood advisor—we highly recommend TLC food purchased directly from the manufacturer online), and vaccinating/deworming according to the proper protocol established by a licensed vet (not purchased online or at a Farm store). Please keep receipts to verify conditions were met. If these conditions are met, Peters' Puppies LLC provides a lifetime guarantee for the following genetic conditions: Degenerative Myleopathy, Neonatal Encelopathy with Seizures, Progressive Retinal Atrophy type 1 and 2, Progressive Rod/Cone degeneration, GM2 Gangliocidosis, Osteochondrodysplasia, and Von Willebrand disease. Peters' Puppies LLC provides a 2-year guarantee explicitly for the following conditions: Cancer, hip displaysia, genetic eye conditions, and seizure disorders (ONLY if topical flea/tick medicine is used, NOT oral). If the puppy is diagnosed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals as being hip dysplastic before age 2 years old, the buyer must submit a copy of the OFA report to Peters' Puppies LLC. Hip/elbow displaysia can be caused by environment, such as obesity, early spay/neuter (before 12 months old), and over-exercising a young dog; therefore, the buyer agrees to maintain a healthy weight dog, spay/neuter after puberty (after 12 months old), and to provide moderate exercise as outlined in the Puppy Culture packet provided by Peters' Puppies. If the puppy should contract any of the above genetic conditions within two years, the vet must make a statement on letterhead that the puppy has a genetic condition and Peters’ Puppies LLC will retake ownership of the defective/unhealthy puppy (if the buyers desire) and replace the puppy with a puppy from the next available litter. Peters’ Puppies LLC will not refund the buyer the cost of transportation or any vet bills and Peters' Puppies LLC does not buy back dogs or puppies.

    There are many conditions/diseases that are simply NOT preventable, such as Cancer, Addison’s, SRMA, Pancreatitis and others. Some of these diseases are much more prevalent in certain breeds (so it is assumed that there is a genetic component), but unless the entire breed is completely eliminated, the risk factors remain. For example, sixty percent of Golden Retrievers ultimately get Cancer. The risk of Cancer is greatly reduced when crossing the Golden Retriever with a Poodle (goldendoodles), but Peters' Puppies LLC cannot prevent or guarantee that their puppy won't get Cancer. Addison’s disease is prevalent in Poodles, and it also is not something that is preventable. For this reason, Peters' Puppies LLC requires that all purchasers obtain and keep pet insurance on their dog for life.

    Growth hormones contribute to bone density and help prevent urinary incontinence that occurs after spaying. Buyer agrees to leave the puppy sexually intact until age 12 months in order for this health guarantee to apply.

    ALL puppies are born with parasites, and the stress of going to a new home can reactive dormant parasites/infections/viruses. Our puppies receive Pyrantal deworming medicine at ages 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age, to prevent pin worms, round worms and hook worms. In addition, our puppies receive Panazuril (aka Marquis) at age five weeks to prevent Coccidiosis and Interceptor Plus (heartworm prevention) at age 6 weeks old. However, puppies can still have parasites that resisted treatment. Your vet should provide a routine deworming and/or fecal test and treat according to findings. Peters’ Puppies LLC does NOT make any real or implied guarantee against common puppy parasites, as listed above. No matter how clean and well-kept, because they have immature immune systems, puppies also commonly contract ear infections, vaginitis, urinary tract infections, impetigo and other bacterial/viral infections. Peters’ Puppies will not reimburse buyer for any vet bills. Providing your puppy medical care is a large part of pet ownership. Buyer agrees to immediately active the 30 days of free Trupanion insurance provided to them by Peters' Puppies LLC (invalid in NY). Peters' Puppies LLC requires that all purchasers obtain and keep pet insurance on their dog for life.

    A licensed veterinarian has examined the puppies and administered only one (out of the series) of core DHPP vaccinations, which is appropriate for the puppy’s age. Puppies can contract Parvovirus or distemper (which are deadly) in public places and should not be taken to dog parks etc. until the entire series has been administered. Playing with dogs that you KNOW are vaccinated is absolutely okay and great for socialization. Over vaccinating young puppies too early can result in autoimmune diseases (such as Puppy Strangles) and no additional vaccinations should be administered until three weeks after the first DHPP vaccination. Optional vaccines, such as Lyme, Bordetella, Lepto, Canine Flu (and others) should be postponed if possible, and individual risk factors should be assessed before administering these extra and optional vaccinations. If needed, the Lepto vaccine should be given by itself as reactions are common. Oral flea and tick medications are linked to seizures per the FDA. Buyer agrees to use only topical flea/tick medication such as Seresto collars or Frontline.

    Buyer understands that the purchase price is nonrefundable. No dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic and Peters’ Puppies LLC does not imply that all allergy sufferers can tolerate a goldendoodle. Peters’ Puppies LLC does not guarantee that a puppy will grow to a specific size as many factors determine adult size, including food and exercise. If a Peters’ Puppies ever needs to be rehomed, for any reason, buyer agrees to return the dog to Peters' Puppies LLC to assess and rehome with NO REFUND due to the customer. All puppies require training; therefore, buyer agrees to teach the puppy house manners and attend basic dog obedience classes.

    Prior to purchase, your Peters' Puppy was declared healthy by licensed veterinarian. Commercial transporters have many puppies (from many places) together in their vehicle, and puppies may contract parasites, ear mites, fleas or other health issues when traveling in close proximity to other breeders' puppies. Peters' Puppies cannot be held liable for illnesses contracted after they leave our home. Peters' Puppies LLC requires that all purchasers obtain and keep pet insurance on their dog for life.

    If any provision of this contract is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, that construction shall not affect the remainder of this agreement, which is to be given full force and effect without regard to the invalid or unenforceable provision.

    This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior agreements, understanding, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written, of the Parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof.

    This contract has been reviewed by an NC Attorney and is legally binding in the State of North Carolina. All parties agree that any court actions to enforce this contract will be filed in Vance County, N.C. Buyer Understands and accepts the terms of this Puppy Purchase Contract and agrees to abide by the terms outlined herein.


    Puppy mother's name: (so we can identify the litter you got your puppy from)