Our puppy application

Please fill out this application and we will give you a call discuss our selection process if you're approved.

All puppies require basic training. Our temperament guarantee requires that your dog attends basic dog obedience class to prevent their good genetics from being overruled by bad behavior. What type of training are you prepared to give your puppy?
We can perform a coat test for specific puppies to see how hypoallergenic they will ultimately be for people with severe allergies. We can also provide a "t-shirt test" where we have the puppy sleep on a t-shirt and then ship it to you to see how you react.
For example, do you want a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle? Male or female? Do you need a service dog candidate? Do you have a specific gender or coat type you want?
Sometimes we can personally drive your puppy to you, but this service is not always available and not guaranteed.