Available Goldendoodle Puppies

Available Puppies:

When you see websites with many puppies available immediately (especially sites with a "click-here, buy now" button), we URGE you to read the breeder's reviews!!! Like most reputable and ethical breeders, we have a waiting list BEFORE we have a litter of puppies. We also breed specifically for temperament, structure and health, not just color/markings; if your only focus is getting a puppy that has certain color/markings, our program may not be a good fit for you. Looks can and will change as the puppy ages!!! Our process is different than most others. If we have enough interest in a Potential litter (people will mark their interest in our private customer portal), only then do we proceed with having that litter. We have puppies available immediately only when we have larger than average litters, or when people back out last minute. Most of our families will have to wait at least a few months for one of our puppies, unless they are extremely flexible regarding gender, color, size and coat-type. We concentrate on quality, over quantity.

The selection date for our puppies is when the puppies are at least 6 weeks old (go home at age 8 weeks old) and people will choose their puppy in the order of reservation received. Please read the FAQ tab on this site and then complete the application to receive an invitation to our informational Zoom meeting. During the meeting, we show you our customer portal and explain our waiting list process in detail. We do NOT ship our puppies cargo, for the safety of our precious babies, and we are located near Raleigh NC. We can refer you to a licensed pet transporter who will personally deliver from our home to yours, if needed, for $1.25 per Loaded mile (only charges for the one way).


Honey's goldendoodle puppies are reserved. Tootsie's standard size chocolate goldendoodles (50-60 lbs. full grown) are due March 7th. We currently have three slots available on Tootsie's goldendoodle waiting list, and the service dog slot is available. We have two slots available on the waiting list for Cookie's miniature red goldendoodles, due April 20th. We have five slots open on the waiting list for Pearl's medium apricot (40-50 lb.) goldendoodles, due April 23rd, and the service dog slot is available. Puppies go to their homes at age eight weeks old. If interested in any of our upcoming litters, please complete the application on our website and attend our Zoom informational meeting on March 10th at 2pm. You can also give us a call.

Why our puppies are special

 Guarantee for genetically inheritable diseases that are testable & preventable

Many of our dogs become service dogs due to their excellent temperament.

Our puppies are raised inside our home using Service Dog Protocols