Our Trained Goldendoodle Puppies

ALL of our eight week old puppies have been daytime and overnight crate-trained (11pm-6am), doggy-door trained, trained to go up/down ramps & stairs, taken outside to toilet every two hours (we do NOT use potty pads or litter boxes) and groomed weekly (starting at age 4 weeks old). We raise all of our puppies with bio-sensory training, weekly grooming sessions, and Service Dog desensitization protocols; we do not charge extra for this foundational training, as we do this with every puppy.

In addition, we are sometimes able offer additional puppy training as an upgraded service to our families. Puppies in our clicker training program receive 3-5 clicker training sessions daily, and daily photos or videos from our trainer (Leo). Please put the word clicker in the search circle on our Facebook page to see hundreds of videos of Leo training our puppies. By age nine weeks old, we can teach your puppy clicker conditioning, her/his name and basic dog obedience commands, including "Sit", "Leave it, " "Down," "Wait," and "Come." During the extra time at our home we continue to work on bite inhibition, impulse control, toilet-training, and jumping. We add in other commands (Touch and leash walking), if time allows, after the puppy has mastered the first basic commands. Our intense puppy training program costs $100/day; Leo uses one hundred percent of the fee to finance his flying lessons to become a pilot. We offer this upgraded VIP service on a very limited basis!! Please contact us early in the reservation process if you wish to reserve a training slot.